Entertainrr Events

A WordPress plugin for better integration

Install & Activate

Log in to your WordPress site’s Dashboard. Click Plugins in the WordPress Dashboard sidebar, and then click Add New. Search for Entertainrr Events and click Install. Click Install Now. Activate the plugin by clicking Activate Plugin.

Connect to your account

Click on Entertainrr Events in the WordPress Dashboard sidebar. Click on Log In With Your Entertainrr Account so we can authorise your Entertainrr account. If you don’t have a Entertainrr account at this point please get in touch with us.

Add Entertainrr to your site

You can add your event listing site to any page or post just with a click. Just click Posts or Pages in the WordPress Dashboard sidebar, and then add or edit an item. Clicking on the Entertainrr button in the visual editor will add the default Box Office to your site in a new line. If you’re using a different editor rather than the default visual editor, you can use our shortcode to add the Entertainrr block to your page. Just insert [entertainrr] into the visual editor.

Tailor it to your needs

After adding our site, check the preview of the page or post you’re editing to see the end result. If needed you can change the embed methods by clicking Entertainrr Events in the WordPress Dashboard sidebar, and click on Show Advanced Settings on the bottom of the page. To change the appearance of your box office, log in to your Entertainrr Admin site, and click on My Account, and then Box Office Settings.

Double-check the results

Your box office is ready to go, but before releasing the page, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Our box office’s minimum supported width is 318 pixels, so make sure to reduce all horizontal margins and paddings around the iFrame to zero when it’s viewed on a small resolution screen. If our page detects that it’s run on a smaller resolution mentioned above, it will redirect the page to the box office for a better user experience. 
2. After adding Entertainrr, ALWAYS do a test purchase on your box office on a desktop computer and on a mobile phone as well.