Here’s What’s New and Happening in the Event Industry

If you’re one of those people who are interested in being in the loop about the latest happenings of the event industry, you’ve come to the right place. From social events to corporate events and charity events, there are various reasons why people and organizations throughout the world host and organize events. This is one of the primary reasons why the event industry itself is constantly changing and evolving for the better.

Since events are held in practically every industry from gaming to IT, it is essential for the event management community to stay ahead of the game and bring about changes to adapt to the environment on a regular basis. These changes come in any form from new gadgets and technologies being incorporated into events and the way they are organized, to changing the way in which communication is done during events themselves.

Interested in finding out what’s new and happening in the event industry? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the changes in the event industry and what you can expect at all of your favorite events in the future.

Personalized content

One of the most important and exciting changes in the event industry is that personalized content is now being delivered to attendees at events. Wondering how that works? We’re here to explain. Wearable technologies combined with Radio frequency Identification (RFID) and iBeacons have allowed attendees to be provided with personalized and relevant content whenever they are attending any event.

Data about your details and preferences is sent back and forth to provide you with content that you will most likely be interested in seeing. This is exactly why people notice that relevant content is displayed on LED screens when they pass by them during events.


If you thought that hyperconnectivity and the Internet of Things has only changed the personalization aspect of event management, you couldn’t be more wrong. Since more devices are connected than ever before, the event management industry is leveraging technology to ensure that real-time feedback can be generated by audiences and attendees of events and used efficiently by event managers and organizers to give attendees the experience that they want.


The event management industry took the clichéd statement “innovate or die” a tad bit too seriously this year. From now on, you can expect mixed reality and augmented reality to become a normal part of events regardless of their nature or the industry that they are being held for. This is primarily because these new technologies evoke all of the right emotions in people and demand a response from attendees or users.

Another thing that you will notice more frequently is that events will be held in locations that might not have been a potential option as an event venue in the past.


Events require a lot of time and effort to be successful but the results are always worth it. Interested in making your own events memorable with the latest trends? Head over to Entertainrr today and find out how we can help!