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Do you want to cut down on queues and digitise your ticket collection process? You can do both by encouraging your ticket-holders to use our state-of-the-art ticket entry app.

How does it Work?

Put simply, this app is a wireless ticket-scanning solution. However, as it’s part of our end-to-end event management solution, it does a lot more than just that!

When your customers book, they will receive an e-ticket or mobile ticket, depending on their preference.

To scan these, all you need is the app – available on Apple and Android. You don’t even need a Wi-Fi signal as it operates both on and offline.

The laser-fast scanners create a smooth and seamless experience for your customers and connect directly to the entertainrr platform. This means you can get real-time updates on attendance and customer behaviour, as well as an easy-to-use scanning service.

But it doesn’t stop there; this app can connect directly to wireless printers in order to produce wristbands, badges or labels. These can be used for customer identification and management, and drastically speed up the entry experience.

This easy-to-use and secure system is perfect for events of any size. It syncs with your ticket platform in real time, so you can accept last-minute ticket purchases without worrying about fraudulent or duplicate tickets.

Through this, you can manage guest lists and use several devices to control multiple entry points. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large festival, this app has you covered.

Key Features

Both on and offline access

Both on and offline access

Works with multiple entry points within one venue

Secure ticketing scanning via Apple devices (supporting iOS 7 and above) and Android devices (supporting 4.3 and above)

Advanced real-time entry management reports

ncreased connectivity (namely, Wi-Fi devices and entertainrr platform)

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