We offer a smart and reliable ticketing solution for any event. From banquets and concerts, to music festivals and workshops, we ensure the process runs smoothly.
Our unique range of features helps you stay in complete control throughout the ticketing process, allowing you to focus on other important areas.

Getting Started Is Easy

1. Create your profile

Register as an event organiser and set up your profile.
You just need to fill in a few details about your event: location, type, size, target
audience and ticket pricing.

2. Talk to us about your event

As soon as you have finished your registration, our team will get in touch to discuss your
This contact will focus on sales and marketing, as well as finishing setting up your

3. Live tickets for sale

Once you have set everything up with our team, log into your account and watch your
ticket sale go live.
Track your sales progress from your “account” page, and see how everything is


Designed to save you time, engage your audience and manage your event with ease,
our comprehensive platform includes these features:

Enhanced Data Capture & Intelligence

Collect customer data through the entire process – from ticket purchase to attendance- to give you unique insights into your customer behaviour. This will help when it comes to marketing your next event.
You have 100% control over your data, plus it’s easily accessible and updates in real time.

Dynamic Seating Plans

Create custom seating plans, specific to your venue and event. We have multiple plan types, so there is sure to be one that suits your needs.
Identify whether you require rows, tables, booths or a mixed layout. And label different styles of seating, or parts of the venue, for easy set up. Just one more thing you won’t have to worry about on the day!

Secure QR Coded E-Tickets

Make your ticket-holder’s lives easier by using secure online tickets, with a unique QR code. Just send your e-ticket via email and ticket-holders will have easy and convenient access to your venue.

Allocated Pricing

Adjust seat pricing to fit with the room layout and style of your event. We understand that not all seats have the same pricing structure, so whether it’s a wine & dine event, floor or VIP seating, our custom layout plan lets you allocate pricing brackets to a range of areas.
This allows customers to choose seating according to their budget, and lets you have complete control over the event experience.

Additional Features

Listing page for every event

Custom listing interface for multiple events (e.g. time slot event, group event, pre-registration event, allocated seating event and standard event). This supports multiple ticket types and categories, making it easier for buyer selection

Ticket Sharing

Customers can easily share tickets with their friends; increasing reach and speeding up door entry

Powerful white label box office

Sell tickets securely through our Box Office, which can be attached to your own website, creating an affiliate rep centre. Secure customer user log-in allows pre-approved affiliates to sell tickets via third-party channels. By controlling promotion, communications and commission tracking from our platform, we can determine the effectiveness and promotional reach of third parties.

Upsell products & merchandise

Increase your revenue and upsell additional packages, products and merchandise with your ticket purchases. Sell individually, or create bundles tailored to your audience. Track purchasing trends through access to real-time reports.

Secure Tickets Transfer

Eliminate ticket fraud and harmful secondary markets by allowing quick and easy transfers.

Payment Processing

We integrate with the most popular payment processing providers; locally and internationally.

Promo code for discount and special offers

Allows complex special offers and promotions to be set up easily. This could be used for discounts, early access, VIP and group ticketing.

Dedicated client & customer support

24/7 technical support is available through email and call-back request. Telephone support is available to clients during office hours (Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm).

Marketing & Promotions

Your admin account page

Once set up, you will be able to add multiple events, as well as product and merchandising opportunities. Take full control of your branding by editing event details and adding pictures and videos.

Watch your event go viral

Our system provides you with the tools you need to send targeted promotional campaigns and create a connected community of brand ambassadors.

Facebook ticket shop integration

Maximise your event visibility by posting to fan pages through our platform. This also encourages attendee-sharing which can be set up through your account.

Grow your customer base

Use the instant power of social media to turn every ticket buyer into a brand ambassador. Ask them to promote to their network through our seamless social sharing.

Target email campaigns and social media campaigns

Our Marketing department will work with you to target your event at interested customers. This will be done through regional mail shots and focused emails; both have been proven to vastly improve sales. Our Social Media specialists can control your Google Ad Words, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Display Network for even better results!

Real-time reports

We provide reports in real time, allowing you to get up-to-date insights and take action, if necessary.

Entry App For Event Day

Laser-fast scanning and guest-list management will significantly reduce queue times and create a smooth event experience.

This app operates both on and offline. It also automatically syncs data and connects to wireless printers for instant wristbands and passes which are printed on site.


Online and offline operation

Multiple entry points

Secure ticketing scanning via Apple devices (supporting iOS 7 and above) and Android devices (supporting 4.3 and above)

Advanced real-time entry management reports

Connection between wireless printers and ticket scanners to produce wristbands, badges or labels for customer identification and management

After the Event

Automatic payments and real-time sales summary

You shall be paid according to what was agreed in your contract. You will either receive a payment straight away through our secure platform, minus our booking and service fees, or payments will reach you within 7 working days of your event. There is no need for invoicing.

Alongside these payments will be your sales summary report. If you are selling multiple events with us, you will receive a report for each event


All tickets sold on our website are owned by our client (either a venue or event organiser).

Clients connect with us by registering their event information, with the face value for each type of ticket. The sale price displayed on our website for each ticket includes the following:

Face value of ticket

Any taxes involved

Processing fees

Services fee

As a ticketing agent, we negotiate charges with each event organiser, promoter and venue based on the costs involved and our service requirement with regards to the ticketing of their events. The final ticket price is determined following agreement by all parties.

We always endeavour to keep our prices as low as possible.

What are service and processing fees?

Services fee

This is the charge to the client for our services (including providing tickets to customers, 24/7 support and general operational costs).

Processing fee

Charged per ticket for credit/debit card used for each transaction. This is charged by the payment gateway.

Note: there may be extra costs involved for delivery, or if you need printed tickets

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