By facilitating the connection between event organisers and corporate sponsors, our platform helps build long-lasting relationships that are beneficial for both parties.
Whether you’re a travel company, restaurant, large corporate company or mediaorganisation, we can help find an event that suits you!
Through our unique range of features, we help sponsors enter the Indian events market and increase brand recognition, while assisting organisers to create the best event possible.

Register as an Sponsor and find the right event to engage with your brand

Getting started is simple; find the events you want to be involved with and start connecting with the organisers.
Most of the information is available through the listings pages, so making a
sponsorship bid is easy.

1. Create your profile

Register as a sponsor and set up your profile.
You just need to fill in a few details about yourself, your objectives, target groups and budgets, then we can get to work. You may receive a call from our customer service team to fine-tune your requirements.

2. Find and book events

Search for events you would like to sponsor using different categories. These categories could be: target audience, event size, location or event type.
Read through the listings and the packages on offer, select the events you find most appealing and press the “book now” button to contact the event organiser.

3. Negotiate terms and book securely

Come to an arrangement with your organiser, book the event in and make payments securely through our platform. Use our digital contracts feature to make sure you have everything saved in one place.

Register as an event organiser and sell more to brands

Finding a suitable sponsor for your brand can be tough, so sign up as an event
organiser and let the sponsors come to you.
Put as much information as possible into your listing, so you’re the obvious choice when sponsors go looking.

1. Create your profile

Register as an event organiser and set up your profile.
You just need to fill in a few details of your event (including audience, size, and location), then we can create your listing. You may receive a call from our customer service team to determine your requirements.

2. Add sponsorship deals

Present as much information about your event as possible, and create professional looking sponsorship offers to attract brands to partner with you.
Create sponsorship packages (Gold, Silver and Bronze), with details of any offerings you want to provide to brands – including prices.

3. Get bookings

If a sponsor feels that their brand and your event is a good match, they’ll make an offer on your listing.

Discuss this in more detail, agree terms and make bookings through our secure platform.


Sponsorships are important for both organisers and sponsors themselves. Here’s how our platform can help you:

Build brand awareness

By pairing up with a prominent event, your brand will be introduced to a new audience and begin to develop a loyal customer base within a new market.

Whether it’s through using our ticket-editor to add your logo to e-tickets, providing merchandise, or purchasing seats, sponsorship will give your brand a real boost!

Target specific audience

Our dynamic search tool allows you to find events by audience type. This helps you tap into audiences that will find your brand relevant, interesting and exciting.

This takes the guesswork out of event sponsorship, and ensures your investment will benefit your business.

Increase revenue

Both organisers and sponsors will see increased revenue by pairing up.

Sponsors will reach a whole new stream of customers from the event, and organisers will get the support they need to create an outstanding event that will build their reputation and bring in more customers in future.

Reward loyalty

When an organisation chooses to sponsor an event, they can pass on the associated benefits to their clientele. Whether that’s through free tickets for VIPs, merchandise, or an exclusive discount – it’s entirely up to you.

Through this reward system, you can create a loyal and engaged client-base who will return to your events time after time.

Additional Features

Dynamic search

Find events quickly and easily through our dynamic search tool. Use this to target audience demographics, locations and more.

Payment processing

We integrate with the most popular payment processing providers; locally and internationally

Digital contracts

Save time using our digital contracts system. It just takes a few minutes for both organisers and sponsors to complete, and is based on your agreed terms. This means you can keep your documentation in one place.

Dedicated client & customer support

24/7 technical support is available through email and call-back request. Telephone support is available to clients during office hours (Mon-Fri, 9:30 am to 5:30pm).

Coming soon: app for business!

Instead of waiting around to see if there’s an event that’s right for you, you’ll soon be able to download our new app straight to your smartphone.

It will send you push notifications if something suitable pops up, and even allow you to message the organiser directly.

You can book events, artists or sponsorships directly through the app, and sign digital contracts with just a few taps. It’s the perfect event management solution!


Signing up for an entertainrr account is absolutely free, for both sponsors and organisers.

The pricing for sponsorship is agreed between the artist and event organiser. entertainrr simply facilitates this connection.

Event organisers will receive the full agreed price directly from the sponsoring brand through our secure payment system.

The sponsor will be charged a 10% administration fee to cover entertainrr processing the booking and use of our platform.

This fee is non-refundable, even if the event is cancelled, as the work it relates to will have already taken place.

Find your perfect partner today!

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