We provide a unique opportunity for artists and event organisers to find each other. From actors to sport stars, or fashion gurus to celebrities, we can help create the perfect partnership.

Our site’s vast range of features will help you find each other, stay connected and maintain a positive working relationship.

Register as an artist, manager or agency

Getting started is simple; showcase your talent with a professional and attractive booking page.

Event organisers can browse through your listing, discover a little more about you, and submit a booking request.

1. Create your profile

Register as an artist, manager or agency and set up your profile.

It’s free to list an entry with us and it only takes a few minutes.

2. List your details

Use this stage to showcase your talent. Write an engaging profile, add videos, photos, audio and social links to attract interest.

Add performance and travel information (if any). This information can be updated at any time through your account.

3. Add price packages

Create a range of price packages to attract bookings – include discounts and competitive pricing structures.

Be sure to include what to expect from each package, as well as set-up requirements and any logistics.

4. Get Bookings

It won’t be long before you receive a booking request from an event organiser.

Negotiate the booking, come to an agreement and organise secure payment through our platform.

Register as an event organiser

Finding suitable artists for events can be difficult, so we’ve got a large portfolio of entertainers for you to choose from.

Register now, and find the best artists for your event.

1. Find a suitable artist for your event

Use our search bar, based on location and category, to find artists who may be interested in performing at your event.

Click on the ‘book now’ button to send a request.

2. List your event details

Provide details of your event, so artists can make an informed decision on whether to apply.

These details should include: event type, location, date, time and venue. List any booking information, your budget and any other information you think may be relevant.

3. Receive quotes and make a booking

Once your event is online, artists will start sending you quotes for the work. Simply sign the digital contract and terms of booking, then make a secure payment through our platform.

This means you’ve now booked your artist and can concentrate on the other areas of your event.


Intuitive search function and artist listings

Find your perfect booking with our easy-to-navigate listing page, complete with a comprehensive profile of each artist. Here you’ll find pictures, video and audio recordings. You’ll also be able to find managers and agencies through these listings, and view details about their clients.

Digital contracts

Save time using our digital contracts system. It takes just a few minutes for organisers and artists to complete, and is based on your agreed terms. This means you can keep your documentation in one place.

Online Payments

Receive or make payments instantly through our platform, to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our secure gateway supports payments from all major credit and debit cards and has multiple payment options.

Real-time reports and account history

Keep track of all your bookings, and records within your account in real time. Whether you’re a single artist, manager, agency or organiser, all your information is stored in one place and your history is saved for analysis and future use.

Additional Features

Price packages

Artists can design their own price packages based on certain criteria. This means they can list prices that account for national and international travel, as well as any discounted rates or special offers.


Artists and organisers can discuss travel, accommodation, food, security and more using our customised CRM. The standard booking form allows for easy communication of booking requirements.

Dedicated client support

24/7 technical support is available through email and call-back request. Telephone support is available to clients during office hours (Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm).

Free account

Artists and organisers don’t need to spend a penny to find each other. Simply sign up to entertainrr and create your profile, or start searching for artists today.

Coming soon: app for Business !

Instead of waiting around to see if there’s an event that’s right for you, you’ll soon be able to download our new app straight to your smartphone.

It will send you push notifications if something suitable pops up, and will even allow you to message the event organiser directly.

You will be able to book events, artists or sponsorships directly through the app, and sign digital contracts with just a few taps. It’s the perfect event management solution!


Signing up for an entertainrr account is completely free, for both artists and organisers.

The pricing for artist hire is agreed between the artist and event organiser. entertainrr simply facilitates this connection.

Artists will receive the full agreed price directly from the event organiser through our secure payment system.

The event organiser will be charged a 10% administration fee to cover entertainrr processing the booking and use of our platform.

This fee is non-refundable, even if the event is cancelled, as the work it relates to will have already taken place.

Start booking artists

Speak to our team about your booking requirements or creating your artist’s profile.