Information on our exchange and refund policy

Before booking your tickets, you should make sure that you carefully review details of the Event and your ticket selection, including making sure that you can comply with any terms and conditions of the Event Organiser and the venue (information on which will be available to you during the booking process).

As we only act as a platform by which event organisers make their tickets available to you,we have no control or responsibility over the Event. We can therefore issue no refunds or exchanges.

Getting a refund on Tickets.

Purchased Tickets cannot be refunded unless:

  1. If an event you have booked is cancelled;
  2. If an event is re-scheduled or has a change of venue:

Only the face value of the Ticket will be refunded if (1) or (2) occurs.

Ticket booking fees are non-refundable.

If the face value has been reduced by the organiser, the refund will be for the discounted face value price paid.

If an Event is cancelled, rescheduled, or has a change of venue, and we have been informed of the change by the Event Organiser, we will contact you as soon as possible by email using the details you have supplied in the My Account section of the Website. If you do not receive this notification because you have not updated the email address that we hold in your account, we cannot be held liable. We also cannot be held liable should the email address we hold in your account be configured in such a way to block or divert into spam or junk folders any emails we send to your email address.

Why we don’t refund the booking fees you’ve paid on tickets.

As we act as an agent on behalf of event organisers or events you bought tickets for, the face value ticket price will go directly to the event organiser.

The booking fee covers all of our costs associated with your transaction- including card charges, staffing, VAT, affiliate commissions, our office overheads and ongoing technical research and development.

Once transaction is completed, our booking fees are non-refundable.

When you’re not entitled to a refund

if you can no longer attend an event or you’ve simply changed your mind about going, you’re rarely entitled to a refund, despite tickets often being purchased months in advance.

TicketPlan Booking refund protection 

  Cancellation Protection is available for your order

We strongly recommend that you include this option, as your tickets are non-refundable and this will protect you against cancellations resulting from accidents and unexpected illness.

Booking refund protection is an optional service offered by the booking vendor and administered by TicketPlan on their behalf. It is not an insurance policy and is only available for customers buying tickets for events within United Kingdom.

If you can no longer attend an event, and you have purchased booking refund protection via our website at the time of your booking, you should visit to find out if the circumstances that have prevented your attendance fall within the scope of the protection provided. Terms and conditions apply.

Full details are included in  Ticketplan Terms and conditions, which we advise you to read and retain.

Please do read our full terms and conditions for ticket buyers