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  • Since the IT revolution, our daily lives as well as commercial organisations has undergone a major transformation in technology and in the easiness of arduous mechanical tasks. With the growing needs of the customers, people started developing apps and platforms for the customers’ needs. During all of this, we sensed the need that we should come up with an effective platform for ticketing management so it could cater the needs of those customers who need a friendly platform for ticketing management.

  • Keeping these things in consideration we designed and developed Entertainrr which fulfills all the ticketing and event needs. It is a versatile platform with a capability of handling more than one services. With the complex processing of this website – we tried our best to make it user-friendly so any person with an average knowledge of computer could use it. One of the sensitive things which mostly customers see that is the SSL certificate because it is the only thing which will let customer know of being safe and secure. SSL certificate is what makes the transactions safe and sound. We took this factor with the serious concern as it is of a vital role in payments. Big internet giants have forbade us to do any transaction if it does not have a HTTPS protocol.

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