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RFID Technology Cashless System for Live Events and Large Venues

Complete Venue/ Live event Box Office Solution
Sell Online Tickets
Sell Credits
Sell Merchandise
Sell Food Beverages
Sell Membership and Loyalty Programs
Simplify Box Office and check in process
Speed up event entry process, reduce long queues and manage re-entry to events with ease or multi-day events.
Replace inefficient cash handling with quick tap & go payments
Speedy on-site top ups and redemption – online and offline
Boost your revenues by 30% with increased customer spending
Eliminate Fraud / Erros - Use RFID/NFC with Unique Idenfiers
Integrated ticketing, entry management and cashless payment solution
Sell Tickets, Credits or Memberships In advance and pair QR Codes receipts with RFID/NFC Cards or Wristbands
Send RFID/NFC Cards or Wristbands for festival or concerts in Advance by Post or Pair Tickets with Card/Wristbands on the day of event.
Manage Entry Process, VIP upgrades and track attendees perferences with ease
Sell Virtual Currency or Credits on day of event
Save cost on Operations and Eliminate Staff Chaos.
Attendee Data & Analytics
Customer data capture throughout the event process
Real-time sales and audience reporting tools
Insightful Data for future events for better planning and increase ROI
Improve sponsorship opportunities
Know your audience to whole new level

How it


Before the Event
Sign up and create Entertainrr account with customized white label ticket shop
Set up your events and ticket types, membership types, credit vouchers
Sell credits before the event
Dispatch RFID Wristbands or Card to attendees before event date by post or pair tickets on day of event
Decide on event set up:
Online /Offline
RFID / QR code
Scanning devices
During the Event
Establish Venue entry operation – staff and equipment
Validate the ticket using the Entertainrr Entry App (online or offline)
Pair the QR Coded ticket with RFID wristband/card/badge
  Or print a QR wristband/badge
Establish bar/shop staff operation and equipment to process cashless purchases
Tap/scan with the Entertainrr Shop App to process purchase (RFID tap online and offline / QR code scan online only)
Top up / cash out station enabling customers to top up or cash out credits – Use Entertainrr Shop App (RFID tap online and offline / QR code scan online only)

Flexible cashless


Main Benefits - Simple Tap & Go

  • Works Online, offline or on local area Network

  • Android or iOS devices

  • QR or RFID technology

  • White label, branded wearables

  • Cards or wristband pairing




RFID Wristbands
RFID Cards or Tags


iOS devices with bluetooth beacons
Android Devices 4.4 or Above
Famoco Scanning devices

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