Bollywood has been one of the biggest film industries in the world producing the number of films raging from different genres such as action, comedy, drama, thriller and others. This industry also plays a very important role in the India’s economy by making it robust throughout the world. Bollywood has long been entertaining us with its different films by featuring the beautiful artists and stars. Another apparent reason for its popularity lies in the fact that it is not only being watched by Hindu community but also by Muslims and other communities. If any Bollywood film gets hit then stars featuring in it becomes popular and rises to fame, and people start liking and loving them – That is how Bollywood Industry works. Before the time of partition, Hindus and Muslims alike participated in the Bollywood films.

With the arrival of different Bollywood films, came the popular artists and celebrities upon which a new trend started to emerge which was the appearance of different Bollywood stars on different public gatherings and different occasions. With this surge in the celebrities’ popularity the commercialization process also improved especially with the arrival of different Bollywood actors who got paid handsomely by the multinational and commercial organizations. Bollywood has also a great impact on society which is not only confined to India but to Pakistan and other parts of the country as well especially the people who know to speak Urdu or Hindi. One of the impacts which Bollywood has on society is linked with the fan following and the affection of people towards the stars and super stars.

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